Gambling Disputes

Welcome to the section of the website which provides information on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for all licensed sectors and others of the UK Gambling Sector. Under the Licensed Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) for Gambling Operators, issued by the Gambling Commission, Licensees must put in place procedures for resolving customer complaints and disputes and the existence and terms of such procedures must be drawn to the attention of all customers. This code will come into effect on 1st October 2015.

In this code a ‘complaint’ means a complaint about any aspect of the licensee’s conduct of the licensed activities, and a ‘dispute’ is any complaint which:

  1. relates to the outcome of the complainant’s gambling transaction; and
  2. is not resolved at the first stage of the licensee’s complaints procedure.


  1. information about their complaints procedure is set out in their terms and conditions;
  2. such information is also readily accessible on the gambling premises or website as the case may be;
  3. such information includes details of how to make a complaint to the licensee and the relevant contact details;
  4. such information includes the identity (with contact details, which can be by way of a link from the licensee’s website) of the ADR entity or entities to whom disputes can normally be referred and, where necessary, details of any limitation on the nature and subject matter of disputes with which a particular ADR entity deals
  5. customers are given a copy of the complaints procedure on request or on making a complaint; and
  6. all complaints are handled in accordance with the procedure.

The services of any such ADR entity must be free of charge to the customer and must not be subject to terms which restrict, or purport to restrict, the customer’s right to bring proceedings against the licensee in any court of competent jurisdiction. Such terms may, however, provide for an agreed resolution of a dispute (arrived at with the assistance of the ADR entity) to be binding on both parties.

In order to meet this requirement licensees will make available a “Gaming Disputes Procedure” leaflet for customers, which will set out the procedures put in place to deal with complaints and disputes. It will also make reference to www. which any customer can contact via the address which will be provided by the operator if all internal avenues have been exhausted.

For a more detailed decription of the ADR process please refer to the download area.


Approved for the purposes of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and information) Regulations 2015.

Annual Activity Report 2015/16